Posture Corrector Back Brace

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1. Helps you maintain a straight back, confident look and prevent back pain
2. Comfortable and light to wear underneath clothes. Made of breathable neoprene material for extra comfort.
3. Easy and convenient to wear, just slip it on like you are putting on your backpack.
4. You can use it any time - when sitting on computer, driving a car, doing exercise and workouts, doing household chores or simply watching TV

How to use:
1. Pass the velcro belt through the buckle. Adjust the clip's position.
2. Put it on the shoulder like a back pack, one shoulder and the other.
3. Pull the velcro belt to adjust until correct posture.
5. Wear it for 1-2 hours a day to allow your back to build a muscle memory. Do not wear to sleep.

For small build individuals like children, women and thin men, can also check our Posture Corrector Brace Belt.

Size Plus has 5 cm/2 inches extra longer shoulder straps and fits bust larger than 120cm/47 inches

Material: Neoprene, velvet and PU (Polyurethane)