Sports Leggings

Leggings not only play an important role in your active life, but also is a crucial element for daily wear if you are a fan of leggings. Hummingbird offers moisture-wicking, fast dry and comfortable leggings that meet your active and daily life needs. We have different length of leggings from full length leggings, 7/8 leggings, capris, to cropped leggings that suit different body types. When it comes to designs, we offer trending leggings like high waisted leggings, camouflage leggings, faux leather leggings, and floral leggings. We have utilitarian leggings that focus on the functional side for example leggings with pockets, stirrup leggings, compression leggings and tummy control leggings. There are not only solid colored leggings, but also printed leggings like animal print leggings (snake print, leopard print), skull leggings, mermaid leggings and more. Now start to enjoy your leggings journey!