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What I Bring to Keep My Fitness Routine On-the-go

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For the past 4 years, we have been flying out, spending around 1 month to get away from the harsh winter here in this middle, no AC part of China. This year we have decided to spend our time in Bali, Indonesia. In this article, I am going to talk about how I keep my fitness routine while I am traveling. 

We spent one month in Bali, Indonesia. It was quite a long time considering it was just a winter vacation. I didn’t want to skip my fitness routine for a month, so I brought with me some workout clothes and gear. It wasn’t a lot, but it was good enough.

What I brought to keep my fitness routine while traveling in Bali

The things that I brought with me include Pastel Fabric Hip Resistance Bands. They come with a mesh bag, which you can put the resistance bands in, instead of throwing them randomly in the suitcase. It will be more organized this way. There are three resistance levels. The purple one has the highest resistance level, the pink one has medium resistance level, and green one is the lightest. I usually use them on my leg day while I am aboard.

The second gear that I brought with me was rubber bands. You can use them in a lot of exercises like arm, shoulder, or back, as well as combining it with legs and glutes etc. Just be careful when you use them. Make sure that there is no crack, and it is not going to break any time soon.

Besides gear, I also brought my workout clothes. First is the Seamless Laser Cut Racerback Sports Bra, which is on promotion on the website. It has this beautiful mesh back and laser cut design. Second is this pair of Ultralight Double Layer High Waisted Sports Shorts. I think that it’s perfect for a tropical vacation.

The last thing that I think we need in order to keep the fitness routine on-the-go is a mobile phone or a laptop. Then just download a fitness app on your phone, which is free most of the time. Then choose whatever training courses you want. 

What exercise I do while I am traveling

So, these are the things that I brought with me this time. Regarding workouts, I usually don’t do what I usually do back in China, because I don’t have free weights with me. The types of workouts I do are limited, but they are also focused more on full body exercise and control, instead of focusing on specific muscle groups. The rubber bands are suitable for full body exercise, for example, combining the lower body with the upper body. The Pastel Fabric Hip Resistance Bands are perfect for building lower body muscles like hip or glutes.

I also do some core exercise, which doesn’t require any equipment or gear. All you need is an exercise mat, or yoga mat, if you have one. If you don’t already have one, you can check out the Foldable Yoga Mats on the website. They are perfect for traveling. They can be folded and can be easily put into your suitcase or backpack. If you have enough space in your bag, or if you are not traveling for a long time period and don’t have much stuff to take, this foldable yoga mat should be on the list. Unfortunately, this time we took a cheap flight, therefore I didn’t have enough space or weight limit for the mat. Luckily, in the resort that we stayed in, they had a large carpet, which I could do exercise on. If the hotel or resort you are staying at comes with a gym, then the above-mentioned gear or mats may not be needed, but you will still need some workout clothes.

Before and after exercise, especially after, stretching is recommended.

Doing massage is a great alternative when it comes to relaxing muscles while I was in Bali

Another thing is massage. I actually think massage for both before and after exercise is even more important than stretching. I didn’t bring my 3D Foam Roller with me this time either, for the same reason as the yoga mat. It was a bit tough for me because I couldn’t relax my muscles thoroughly enough before or after exercise. So definitely bring one with you when you travel. Check out this article to see the importance of foam rolling.

If you happen to travel to Bali, there are a lot of massage and spa places here. In fact, “Bali is called the heaven for massages, and visiting a spa is one of the main attractions on the island”. So, if you have the budget, going to these massage places one to two times per week and enjoying some traditional Balinese massage will be another option. Even if you are on a budget, visiting one of the most popular massages or spas on the island as a leisure activity won’t hurt. However, reservation beforehand is highly recommended. Pricewise, doing a massage is definitely cheaper in Bali than in many of the western countries. Even comparing with prices in China, I think Bali is still a bit cheaper. 

These are the things that I want to share with you guys – what fitness items I bring with me and how I keep my fitness routine while I am on-the-go. Hope it is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions by putting down your comments below!

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