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The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020

The year 2019 has come to an end and 2020 is just 3 days ahead. Looking back in the past year, these terms probably won’t be strange to you – fitness tracker, high intensity interval training (HIIT), group training, keto, waist trainer, high-waisted, seamless…while some of them being controversial, we think that many of these trends will carry on to the new year. End of October, ACSM, a sports medicine and exercise science membership organization headquartered in the US, released their Top 10 Fitness Trends in 2020. Among them, wearable technology, HIIT, and group training are the top 3. ACSM also compared the top 10 trends in four regions – North America, Asia, Europe and South America. Since these trends are highly concentrated in the professional workout level, in this article we would like to share our thoughts about the 2020 fitness trends from a more holistic standpoint, including workout types, technology, apparel and lifestyle. And you will see at the end, convenience, comfort and simplicity is basically what these trends are going for. 

1. Weight Training

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Free Weights Training | Hummingbird

Weight training has been more and more widely accepted as an effective form of workout. Weight training has so many advantages. First it is an effective way of building strength and muscles mass. 30 minutes a day of weight training focusing on a special muscle group for a beginner is already enough to see results in a month for example. Second, it doesn’t require a lot. All you need can be just some dumbbells, weight stacks, simply a bottle of water, or a book. Third, it’s convenient. The essence of weight training allows you to train your body almost whenever you want and wherever you are. Last, it’s another effective way of burning calories. A pound of muscle consumes 2.5 times more calories than a pound of fat. In the meantime, muscles have higher density than fat, which means that a pound of muscle in volume is smaller than a pound of fat. That’s why an alethic person looks slimmer than one who is not, even if they weigh the same. Being effective, time saving and convenient makes weight training a type of workout that is so tempting.


The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Woman & Man Doing HIIT Push Ups | Hummingbird 

Being listed as one of the top 3 fitness trends of the year 2020 by ACSM has its reason. Similar to weight training, HIIT is another effective and convenient way of working out. This form of interval training alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue, produces significant reductions in the fat mass of the whole-body[i]. A typical HIIT session lasts less than 30 minutes, which is not time consuming. In addition, HIIT can be done without any equipment, which means you can do it almost anywhere you want. 

3. Home Based Gym

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Home Based Gym Bench | Hummingbird

Tired of waiting in line during rush hour, sharing equipment and gear with others in the gym? Don’t want to drive all the way down in the cold during long harsh winter just to do a 30-minute workout? Home based gym might be your solution. All you need can be as simple as a couple of free weights and you are all set. If you have a higher budget and want to get more engaged and motivated, there are quite a few streaming services and fitness devices on the market that you can choose from. What’s more, you can share your updates in the community.

4. Wearable Devices

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Women in Blue Checking Out The Smart Watch She is Wearing - Wearable Devices | Hummingbird

Wearable devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart monitors have ranked in the top 3 trends every year since 2016. This smart technology keeps track of your body status including but not limited to heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, blood pressure, time spent exercising, sleep quality and more. It can be used by all ages and the choices on the market are abundant. Not to mention the peripherals like wristbands and screen protectors, with which these wearable devices can be a pretty add-on to your daily outfit. 

5. Utility and Comfort

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Leggings with Pockets and Strappy Crop Tank Top Flat Lay - Utility and Comfort | Hummingbird

Needless to say, utility, or convenience, and comfort is the number one priority for consumers. This also applies to fitness wear like sports bras and leggings, as we already saw this trend in some of the leading fitness apparel brands. New collections of sports bras with pockets in the back, as well as leggings with side pockets for mobile phones, headphones and other small items have been released recently. These new arrivals are specifically catered to the needs of runners and others who carry their phones around when working out, which makes our life easier and more enjoyable. Also, there are more high-neck and long line design sports bras that keep us cool, covered and look nice at the same time while exercising. On the other hand, crop tanks start to emerge as well, following the same logic.

6. On-The-Go

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Frog Dragging a Suitcase Walking from City to Desert - On-The-Go | Hummingbird

Modern life is busy – busy working and busy travelling. That’s why on-the-go products are more and more in demand. Wearable devices are part of this on-the-go trend, but there are more. Fitness apps that provide workout services while you are far away from the gym, out of town or out of the country, and enormous portable products, including foldable yoga mats, collapsible foam rollers, dumbbell shaped water bottles etc., also belong to this category. Fitness is a habit and that’s why these products have come into existence. The on-the-go trend will continue because that’s how our life is and will be.

7. Minimalism

The Fitness Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020 - Green Plant in a White Background - Minimalism | Hummingbird

Minimalism as a lifestyle has been gaining momentum, especially when nowadays there are so many choices, and meanwhile sustainability is becoming more and more important. This form of lifestyle has started to influence the fitness area as well - using resources like equipment and space as little as possible to build strength and muscles as much as possible and eating natural food instead of processed food. These are all about being simple. Simplicity is minimalism.

So, there you go, these are in our opinion on the holistic view of fitness trends in 2020. Have you prepared your New Year’s resolution yet? Does it belong to one of the trends mentioned above? If you haven’t yet, what will your resolution be?


[i] High-intensity interval training,

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