Life is more than Nectar

Life is more than Nectar

Hummingbird - Life is more than nectar

Hello, I am Meredith, owner of Hummingbird.


I used to have a decent job, which provided me not only bread and butter, but also a nice warm home. Things should have been going “right on track” had I keep doing what I did. Until one day, the company was going to be restructured. Although my boss tried to persuade me to stay, I decided to quit my job.


It was a decent job, yet it was a stressful job. Back then I was so stressed that I would laugh heavily until I cried. Working for the company gave me a sense of insecurity and no incentive.


I just turned 30 when I left the company.


After that I went to Europe to study business. At the end of the journey, I met some people that were entrepreneurs. Their independence, energy, and willingness to express themselves inspired and enlightened me.


“You always wanted to do something on your own” one of my friends said to me recently.

Hummingbird - Life is more than nectar

I remember when I was 4 or 5, we had paddle scooters in my kindergarten. I liked to play with those scooters so much that one day when I was at home, I decided to make one myself. Back then my parents had a small foldable shopping cart, which I used as the rear part that I could sit on. I found a short-leg plastic stool, placed it upside down so that I can put my legs on the stool and control the direction with my legs pushing two front legs of the stool. I then put a pair of steel skate rollers (they were very old and heavy but very strong) underneath the stool and fastened them with the laces of the skate rollers. To attach the shopping cart to the stool, I put the front part of the cart into the upside-down stool. So here came the DIY paddle scooter! And it worked surprisingly!! I was so proud of myself that I couldn’t wait to share my "accomplishment" with my mom. Disappointedly, my mom came home and tore it apart without asking me. I was so sad and tried to put them together again, but it no longer worked.

Hummingbird - Life is more than nectar

It was almost 30 years ago and now it seems like a dream I once had. But I keep thinking about it. Since then I’ve had this hole that I want to fill, this thought deep in my mind that I want to achieve – to finish what hasn’t been done, to build something that works.


I guess that’s the foremost reason why Hummingbird came to exist.


In Hummingbird, we believe that even if life is full of ups and downs, what we pursue will be achieved as long as we persist. No matter if you’re young and energetic and looking for different possibilities; facing some difficult cross roads; undergoing some significant changes in your life; or feel bored with your hassle routine, here we hope we can provide you with a rest stop, where you can put all of these aside, return to tranquility, be true to yourself, and enjoy what else life offers you.


From newly arrived sportswear, colorful beach wear to lovely accessories and gadgets, we present selective decent products with reasonable prices to you. We know how the Earth is suffering from our modern evolvement therefore we try to be as eco-friendly as possible.


We hope the products we provide help your work and life become more balanced and enjoyable.


Please don't forget to take some time each day to do something that you truly enjoy. Because after all, LIFE IS MORE THAN NECTAR!!

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