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Best Workout Pants to Hide Cellulite - Buying Guide & Reviews

We’ve talked about what cellulite is and ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you don’t know yet, it’s a good idea to check out What Exactly Is Cellulite, Can You Get Rid of It and How. Now cellulite is definitely not easy to handle once it becomes apparent. If you are doing non-invasive cellulite treatments, it takes time before the situation actually improves. Or maybe you are not sure whether you want to do anything about those lumps and bumps on your skin right now, except for switching to a more active lifestyle and healthy diet. Either way, finding a good pair of workout pants to hide cellulite helps to temporarily alleviate your concern about dimpled thighs, legs, abs or buttocks.

Cellulite Friendly Workout Pants Buying Guide 

Unlike in summer if you want to wear shorts, skirts or bathing suits, you might need to hide cellulite with makeup, in winter, covering that orange peel appearance is much easier and faster – just put on a pair of pants. Nevertheless, not every pair of pants are created equal and competent for the job. For example, sheer fabrics or light colors don’t do great in hiding skin conditions.

After numerous sleepless nights and days of research, we’ve sorted out a buying guide for you in order to find the ideal pair of workout leggings that are cellulite friendly. 

Tips to find the best workout leggings to hide cellulite: 

  • Compression and 4-way stretch. These two usually come together in athletic leggings. They allow the leggings to stretch and resume shape after putting on, creating the “sculpt and lift” effect. Leggings with these features act as tightened skin, which makes cellulite less apparent.
  • High waistband. High waist silhouette prevents muffin top and hold your lower abs in place.
  • Thicker fabric. Thicker fabric ensures that the leggings are non-see-through. It also helps sculpt and lift.
  • Breathable, soft and quick dry. The breathability, softness and fast dry features in workout leggings shouldn’t be compromised for having thicker fabric. It also allows you to keep moving without discomfort during exercise or discontinuing your workout.
  • Synthetic fabrics. Nylon, polyester and spandex (or Lycra®) are the most common fabrics for athleticwear. These fabric blends make sure that the garment wicks moisture and is stretchable.
  • Darker color options. Dark colors work as a filter, which evens out shades and shadows created by dimpled skin.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to select the best workout leggings on the market for your specific need – to hide cellulite in this context.

We also save you more time by hand-picking for you 8 of the best workout pants for hiding cellulite. These exercise pants are all under $30 (very affordable), of great quality and you can find all of them in our store through the links provided below.

8 Best Workout Pants to Hide Cellulite

1. Seamless Laser Cut Leggings - $24.95

The Seamless Laser Cut Leggings are truly compression leggings, due to its tight knitting and medium thickness. The compression, 4-way stretch, and high waist features sculpt and lift your abs, buttocks and legs. Ribbed and textured panels on the waistband, the side and back of thighs help smoothen dimpled appearance and accentuate body curves. 

The polyester, nylon and spandex blend is breathable and moisture wicking. These are the tights that you can wear from training on the beach and jogging in winter, and anywhere in between. 

A girl running on the beach in Seamless Laser Cut Leggings | Best Workout Pants to Hide Cellulite - Buying Guide & Reviews | Hummingbird Blog


The Seamless Laser Cut Leggings also have features that fashionable athleisure leggings have, such as squat proof, tummy control, camel toe free seamless front, non-see-through etc. 

These gym pants come in 3 solids – black, green and grey.

Downside: Despite they work perfect for training and hug your body securely during bending asanas like downward facing dog, these leggings may not work well for twisty asanas like extended side angle, due to the thickness of the fabric.

2. High Waist Hidden Pocket Leggings - $26.95

These High Waist Hidden Pocket Leggings have high rise waistband that contains a hidden pocket for essentials like keys, cards and coins. High waistband secures your lower abs safely during workout. They are the perfect match with crop tops or crop tanks.

Although not as tight as the Seamless Laser Cut Leggings, the same 4-way stretchiness and less restrictive compression allows more breathing room, range of motion and flexibility for bendy and twisty asanas. 

The brushed and buttery soft fabric makes these High Waist Hidden Pocket Leggings perfect for yoga, training or jogging in cold or warm weather, as well as running errands.

These yoga pants come in 7 solids - Sapphire Blue, Pumpkin Blush, Burgundy, Midnight Blue, Azure Blue, Black Camo and Black.

3. Solid Ribbed High Waist Cargo Leggings - $29.95

We love textured fabrics like ribbing because their stretchy nature makes for an extra cozy fit, and they incorporate well and easily with other everyday items. These Solid Ribbed High Waist Cargo Leggings are not exceptions.

Mid- to high-waist design, aesthetic seams and ribbed fabric create a lifting and curve-hugging effect, making the lumps and bumps on your skin less apparent. Cargo flap pockets can store essentials like a phone, cards, keys and coins.

Nylon and spandex blend is breathable, stretchable and moisture wicking. These Solid Ribbed High Waist Cargo Leggings are an ideal outfit for yoga, training, jogging, as well as casual lounging and running errands.

They come in 5 solids - Black, Mustard Yellow, Warm Red, Playful Plum and Mystic Lake

4. Solid High Waist Cargo Leggings - $24.95

These fitted utilitarian Solid High Waist Cargo Leggings not only have good compression, but also make good athleisure wear. Four flap pockets suffice for most essentials. They also draw attention away from any imperfections on the body, especially the buttocks. 

Nylon and spandex blend conforms and contours the body, and have natural breathability. High waist silhouette provides good tummy control. These leggings are perfect for weight training, jogging and running errands.

They come in 5 solids, including Moss Green, Black, Rose, Burgundy and Pale Blue.

Downside: The slight sheen on these leggings may be a discouragement for some people, especially the three lighter colors.

5. Performance Seamless Gym Yoga Leggings - $24.95

We are in love with the extensive ribbed panels of these leggings! They not only demonstrate feminine strength and energy, but also make the leggings perfect for covering cellulite on any of the places in the lower body - the abs, side of the thighs, or back of the thighs. 

High rise waistband with horizontal stripes draws attention to your mid-section and makes your legs look longer. In addition, they have a peach booty silhouette that accentuate whatever you have. Don’t forget to pair them with a crop top to fully reveal the advantages of these leggings.

Knitted fabrication along with a nylon and spandex blend allows these Performance Seamless Gym Yoga Leggings to be 4-way stretch, breathable, moisture wicking and free of camel toe. These workout tights are the must-have from gym to street, and everywhere in between. 

They come in 4 colors - Blue, Black, Red and Grey.

Special note: while it is not necessary, it is optimal to wear seamless underwear both to eliminate VPL (visible panty lines) and in the long term to reduce skin indentation caused by restrictive panties. 

If you are not a fan of restrictive compression leggings, the following joggers and loose pants might be the right choices for you.

6. Loose Fit Drawstring Joggers - $29.95

These drawstring joggers are ideal for an athleisure look in autumn and winter. A loose fit profile covers any imperfections in the lower body and suffice for any daily activities from workouts to casual lounging.

These loose fit drawstring joggers come with an elastic waistband and cuffed ankles, making them highly adjustable. Open side pockets can store essentials like a phone, keys etc.

100% polyester fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly. It also ensures that the digital prints stay intact after wear and tear.

These workout pants come in 5 tie dye prints and 5 Christmas prints, specially designed for the holiday season.

Downside: The polyester synthetic fabric can attract dirt, lint or static electricity easily.

7. Solid Drawstring Loose Fit Joggers - $29.95

These Solid Drawstring Loose Fit Joggers are more form fitting, yet the cut and the way each piece of fabric is pieced together still make them ideal for hiding cellulite and bulges on the legs.

Drawstring and elastic waistband allow you to adjust for a comfortable mid-rise fit. Viscose, polyester and spandex blend creates a relaxed and breathable touch. Tapered legs enable the drape fabric to flow with your moves, conveying a luxurious and comfortable feel.

These yoga and running pants are ideal from studio to work-from-home lounging. Deep open side pockets can store essentials like your phone, keys and cards.

They come in 8 solids - Grapesicle, Light Sage, Black, Grey, Mystic Purple, Pink Dusk, Avocado Green and Charcoal.

8. Peacock Smocked Waist Loose Yoga Pants - $24.95

These loose yoga pants have a nice retro finish that represents longevity, resilience, time and history in Oriental cultures, while peacock train feathers symbolize beauty, life, health and pride. These features translate into some of the fundamentals of yoga practice, making these harem pants one of the must-haves for your yoga journey.

Loose fitting silhouette, smocked waist, elastic ankles and thin and smooth fabric allow you to move freely in between asanas, feel confident and refrain from imperfect body skin conditions. The material of polyester not only ensures that the prints on the pants are intact, but is lightweight, wicks moisture and dries quickly.

These Peacock Smocked Waist Loose Yoga Pants make perfect for yoga and meditation, as well as tropical vacations and parties. 

They come in 4 colors - Moss Green, Burgundy, Deep Burgundy and Multicolor.

Final thoughts 

All the so-called anti-cellulite leggings on the market are essentially compression leggings. The science behind cellulite is real and there’s no easy way nor quick fix to get rid of cellulite by just wearing a compression garment. Even the efficacy of cellulite cup or fascia blasting cannot be proven (fascia blasting can even trigger negative skin conditions or make current condition worse).

No pain, no gain, be it long-term – exercise consistently, keep healthy diet etc., or short-term.

Another way to look at the imperfections is to accept them and embrace them. 

Nevertheless, wearing cellulite friendly workout pants can at least temporarily and quickly hide the skin condition, allows you to focus on your PR or asanas and enjoy the cellulite-free moment.

About Hummingbird: Hummingbird is designed for fitness beginners, travelers and athleisure fanatics. We offer selected price-worthy women's active clothing and accessories to worldwide customers, aiming to bring convenience and fun to your active life. Many of our leggings are high waisted and have seamless front that is free of camel toe, enabling you to hit the gym “topless” without feeling awkward.

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