8 Travel Workout Gifts Essential for Any Fitness Goal-Getter

8 Travel Workout Gifts Essential for Any Fitness Goal-Getter

After a year of hard work, it’s finally time to enjoy yourself, plan and achieve something you didn’t have the time to do during the year, a fitness goal for example. Vacation is the perfect time for one to reflect and recuperate. Yoga, meditation, strength and cardio training definitely help to regain calm, energy and health. Traveling on vacation not only means lying under the sun, swimming in the ocean, enjoying exotic food, but also meditating in the woods, sipping local tea, summarizing the past and foreseeing a better self. A short 2 to 3 weeks vacation may not be enough to achieve a fitness goal, but it will be enough to form the habit of a healthy lifestyle. If you have a friend who has ever mentioned to you about her/his fitness goal at some point, or is a fitness fanatic, these would be the perfect gifts they really want for this season.


  1. Pastel Fabric Hip Resistance Bands


Keep your booty moving anytime anywhere whether you are on Christmas vacation or just want to stay cozy at home. This Pastel Fabric Hip Resistance Band 3 Pack comes with a workout manual that you can follow. 20 minutes a day and you can already see results in a month. Being made of cotton and polyester blend elongates the life span of the bands and keeps you safe as they don't break as easily as traditional rubber bands. They do not slip, pinch, snap, curl up, or pull your hair/skin. These bands have different resistance levels made by the resistance of the actual material. Each band has the same ideal size. You get full resistance mobility for each movement and all three bands can be effectively used. This Pastel Fabric Hip Resistance Band 3 Pack also comes with a carrying bag so you can sculpt your lower body at the hotel, at home, at the gym, at the park, or even in an airport when waiting to board.


  1. Foldable Yoga Mats


Yoga practice is a great way to calm oneself and relax, especially when you are on vacation on a peaceful island. Imagine being under a shade, in a corner of a beautiful garden, in some quiet woods, or at a peaceful beach, listening to birds chirping and a mild breeze. In this case, a foldable yoga mat will come in handy. This Foldable Yoga Mat is made of natural tree rubber on the bottom and suede microfiber with water-based prints on top, which is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It can be folded 4 times and carried in your tote, backpack, or suitcase easily. Suede microfiber on top of the yoga mat is sweat absorbent, which makes it perfect for hot yoga, especially Bikram yoga or beach yoga. It is machine washable and does not fade thanks to the water-based printing. It has passed our sweat test. This Foldable Yoga Mat is 1.5mm thick and comes in 10 patterns. We also have a 1mm version that comes in 6 patterns.


  1. 3D Foam Roller


If you’ve read our article about how important foam rolling is, you will know why this would be a perfect gift. This 3D Foam Roller is a hollow roller with unique bumps that simulate massage balls made of EVA foam and an interior made of ABS plastic. It is not as hard and tough as one of those rumble rollers but just as durable. Hollow design with a cap on each end allows you to put small items like a towel inside. You can also take the caps away, put a carrying strap through and carry it on your shoulder to save space in your suitcase or backpack. 46cm/18.1inch in length and 14cm/5.5inch in width can easily fit into a carry-on suitcase.


  1. Portable Refillable Atomizer Set


Who doesn’t want to smell great while on vacation, even if that possibly means a lot of sweat, or taking a 13-hour long flight? A portable atomizer is perfect for those who want to take their fav fragrance on-the-go. This Portable Refillable Atomizer’s interior is made of high-quality aluminum, and exterior is made of durable plastic. It has an innovative design with a valve at the bottom, which makes it easy to refill – just insert the nozzle of your perfume bottle into the valve and pump up and down until it is full, which will show on the atomizer window. With this 5ml/0.17oz Portable Refillable Atomizer you can travel with your favorite perfume anywhere you go, traveling on vacation, after a workout, or out dating. It can also be a sweet gift and stocking stuffer for your family and friends.


  1. Spandex Waistband


Christmas and winter can be seasons for excessive food intake. If you have enjoyed a lot of delicious food, but haven’t moved too much, it is very likely that your belly and love handles have come to find you. This Spandex Waistband protects and strengthens your back with comfortable built-in boning strips. Multi-layering adds extra support to your tummy. Wearing this Spandex Waistband during workout reduces back pain and helps you perform better. It is made of soft, light and breathable fabric, which makes it easy to carry as well. It comes in 10 fashionable colors.


  1. Posture Corrector Back Brace


Having a Christmas break is a good opportunity to stay away from your computer and work on bettering your posture. This Posture Corrector Back Brace helps you maintain a straight backconfident look and prevent back pain. It is easy and convenient to wear, just slip it on like you are putting on your backpack. You can use it anytime anywhere - when driving a car, doing exercise and workouts, doing household chores or simply watching TV. Breathable neoprene material is extra comfortable and light, which can be worn underneath clothes. Wear it for 1-2 hours a day to allow your back to build muscle memory. It works even better when you combine it with back exercises. This Posture Corrector Back Brace comes in 4 sizes.


  1. Mobile Phone Arm/Wrist Case


If you haven’t had the time to do a lot of cardio training during the year, this is the perfect time to catch up. This Mobile Phone Arm/Wrist Case is made of waterproof Lycra. Touch screen function allows you to access to your mobile phone while jogging or cycling without taking the phone out. It has an adjustable band so that you can wear it on your arm or wrist. It is suitable for mobile phones equal to or smaller than 6 inches. This Mobile Phone Arm/Wrist Case comes in 6 colors.


  1. Cellphone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand


Cellphones are important assets that can be lost easily especially when traveling. This Cellphone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand is made of durable high-grade zinc alloy, which has good ductility and abrasion resistance. Powerful and sticky 3M VHB tape makes sure that the ring holder can be attached to your cellphone or tablet tightly. Thin ergonomic design with 360° rotation and 180° flip provides you with an adjustable viewing angle, when you are using an exercise app during workout, watching a movie, listening to music, making a call, playing a game and more. 3.2cm/1.26inch diameter metal plate can be well attached to any magnetic phone car mount, giving you a safe and carefree driving experience. It is a sweet gift and stocking stuffer for your family and friends.


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